Here’s a brief history of Wollensak taken from: A History of The Rochester, NY Camera and Lens Companies
by Rudolf Kingslake

"The second company to branch off from Bausch and Lomb was Wollensak. Andrew Wollensak was first employed as a machinist by Bausch and Lomb in 1882, and became a foreman the following year. He helped Edward Bausch with the design of the Iris Diaphragm shutter in 1890, and probably worked on other shutters as well. In 1899 he and his brother John decided to establish a new company for the purpose of manufacturing a line of high quality shutters which could be sold at a reasonable price. The brothers managed to obtain financial help from Stephen Rauber, former president of the Union Brewing Company in North Clinton Avenue, and the new company, Rauber and Wollensak, was established in a building at 280 Central Avenue. Mr. Rauber died in 1901, and the name of the firm was then changed to the Wollensak Optical Company. The following year Wollensak commenced the production of lenses as well as shutters. The famous 'Optimo' shutter was designed by Andrew Wollensak in 1909, and was sold extensively until 1930. The company purchased the Rochester Lens Company in 1905, thereby obtaining the right to manufacture the 'Royal' anastigmat line developed by that company.

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